Address: 495 Murroon Rd, Murroon
Phone: 03 5236 3229

Review by: Gosling Creek

Peter and Jan Greig moved to Murroon, in the Otways, 16 years ago- after leaving their senior management positions in Melbourne. They now have an established vineyard and beef cattle operation.

The couple started growing vines when they bought the 26 Ha of land as a weekender and wondered what they could do with it. "After contemplating our wine bill," Jan says, "we decided to plant a few vines in a test plot, to see what we could do."

Since then, Peter and Jan have undertaken numerous training courses in vineyard management and winemaking, to get the best out of the grapes they now grow. The winery was built four years ago, and has extended its cellar door operations over summer in particular when it gets busy.

Peter is the hands-on man when it comes to the wine. He has had 10 years of experience in vintages and has done a number of winemaking courses. This makes Peter the trusty winemaker for all the Gosling Creek wines except the whites, which are made by Scott Ireland at Provenence Wines.

The Gosling Creek wines range from pinot noir, which was the first set of 2000 vines planted, 10 years ago. Following that there are 2500 Shiraz and 2000 Riesling vines. There are also 2000 Sauvignon Blanc vines, and 1000 extra vines of pinot noir that were planted 3 years ago. There are two wines that are the stand-outs. The pinot noir and Riesling, both are cool climate wines, which are ideally suited to the site and climate.