Barwon Ridge Wines

Address: 50 McMullans Rd, Barrabool
Phone: 0418 324 632

Review by: Barwon Ridge

The vineyard was planted in 1999 by Geoff and Joan Anson and Ken King. We produce Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Marsanne.

The vineyard is in the Barrabool Hills, approximately 1 hour south-west of Melbourne and 10 minutes west of Geelong. It is a great place to visit on the way down the Great Ocean Road.

The vineyard runs down from a ridge in the Barrabool Hills. It looks northwards onto the Barwon River and the You Yangs, and to Corio Bay in the east. The soil is a quick draining sandy loam over shallow limestone. The vines 'do it tough' getting their roots down into the rocky ground but then produce intense flavours in the sun and soil. The area is in a natural rain shadow. The low rainfall, open aspect and good air flow mean that disease pressures are low and spraying is kept to a minimum.

There is approximately 3.6 hectares (9 acres) under vine. Plantings comprise Pinot Noir (Clones: MV6, D2V5, 114, 115, 777), Shiraz, Marsanne, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

All of the fruit used in our wines comes from our vineyard. 2004 was our first vintage.

All wines are vegan compliant.

Waybourne Vineyard & Winery

Address: 60 Lemins Rd, Waurn Ponds
Phone: 03 5241 8477

Review by: Wine Geelong

 The Waybourne vineyard is situated on land originally selected by the early Swiss settlers for wine growing purposes. Planting began in the 1970s and the vineyard now yields eight varieties. Two sparkling wines, a white and a red, have been added to the list of wines available for tasting.

In recent years, vines have been heavily pruned to ensure intense flavours in the wines, while handpicking is a one of the quality-driven processes in place in both the vineyard and winery.

Waybourne now offers ensuited accommodation with lovely views of the Barrabool Hills from the adjoining balcony.

The Minya Vineyard & Winery

Address: Minya Lane, Connewarre
Phone: 03 5264 1397

Review by: The Minya

The Minya Vineyard and Winery was established in 1974 by Jeff and Sue Dans.
The name "Minya" was chosen from the Aboriginal name meaning "Place of Many Birds" to
preserve the heritage of the area.

Minya is the Surfcoasts finest venue for fine wines and relaxing entertainment, overlooking a tranquil
and picturesque billabong making the winery an ideal setting to enjoy a light meal, to attend the
summer concert series at the outdoor amphitheatre or to utilize this ideal venue for your function, party or conference.

The Minya is the perfect venue for Weddings, Engagements, Conferences and other functions alike.
It offers picturesque views from a spacious function room and balcony overlooking the spectacular wetlands.

With over three decades of experience in catering, a menu catered to your tastes and preferences can be made
to suit your needs and budget. Food is made to compliment the excellent wines available.

The function room is intimate and accommodates up to 100 people. An optional bar is available to cater to your
guests needs.


Address: 65 Pettavel Rd, Waurn Ponds
Phone: 03 5251 3176

Review by: Scotchmans Hill

Scotchmans Hill was established in 1982 atop Mount Bellarine, an extinct volcano that forms the tip of the peninsula. The land on which the vineyard was planted had been given its name by a group of Scottish immigrants who settled in the area in 1885. Modern and traditional winemaking techniques are utilised at our winery to produce some of Australia's most individual wines, with characteristics typical of the region.

Situated in the heart of the Bellarine Peninsula, the Scotchmans Hill cellar door offers friendly and informative tastings and sales. We offer the full range of estate wines for tasting, including our exclusive Single Vineyard & Cornelius wines. Enjoy the magnificent views of Swan Bay and Port Phillip Bay and with a glass of wine in our sunlit courtyard.

St Regis Vineyard & Winery

Address: 35 Princes Hwy, Waurn Ponds
Phone: 03 5241 8406

Review by: St. Regis Vineyard & Winery

 Saint Regis' vines were planted in 1997, in the rich limestone soil of Waurn Ponds on the edge of Geelong. 2001 marked Saint Regis' first vintage. Saint Regis is family owned operated, specializing in Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Saint Regis' Shiraz fruit is estate grown, while Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are selected from hand picked premium local fruit. Our wines are fermented with varying use of wild yeast & matured in French oak.

In the mid 1800's, Geelong was the most important winemaking district in Victoria, if not Australia. By 1870 there were more than 400 hectares of land under vine, including the site where Saint Regis now stands.

Saint Regis is located on the site of mid 19th century winery, Baccus. It was owned by French Corsician A. Le Cerf. Baccus produced Shiraz and Riesling and was one of the many Geelong wineries thriving on the gold rush.

Unfortunately in 1875, the nematode phylloxera became rife in the region, causing the government to order all vines to be destroyed, and ruling that no grape vine could be planted in the region for 100 years. Because of this ruling, it was not until the 1960's that the vines were again planted, marking the resurgence of this great wine region.

Gosling Creek Wines

Address: 495 Murroon Rd, Murroon
Phone: 03 5236 3229

Review by: Gosling Creek

Peter and Jan Greig moved to Murroon, in the Otways, 16 years ago- after leaving their senior management positions in Melbourne. They now have an established vineyard and beef cattle operation.

The couple started growing vines when they bought the 26 Ha of land as a weekender and wondered what they could do with it. "After contemplating our wine bill," Jan says, "we decided to plant a few vines in a test plot, to see what we could do."

Since then, Peter and Jan have undertaken numerous training courses in vineyard management and winemaking, to get the best out of the grapes they now grow. The winery was built four years ago, and has extended its cellar door operations over summer in particular when it gets busy.

Peter is the hands-on man when it comes to the wine. He has had 10 years of experience in vintages and has done a number of winemaking courses. This makes Peter the trusty winemaker for all the Gosling Creek wines except the whites, which are made by Scott Ireland at Provenence Wines.

The Gosling Creek wines range from pinot noir, which was the first set of 2000 vines planted, 10 years ago. Following that there are 2500 Shiraz and 2000 Riesling vines. There are also 2000 Sauvignon Blanc vines, and 1000 extra vines of pinot noir that were planted 3 years ago. There are two wines that are the stand-outs. The pinot noir and Riesling, both are cool climate wines, which are ideally suited to the site and climate.

Dinny Goonan WINES

Address: 880 Winchelsea-Deans Marsh Rd, Bambra
Phone: 03 5288 7100

Review by: The Food Purveyor

 The property at Bambra was purchased in 1988 for the purpose of establishing a vineyard, although as viticultural pioneers in the area there was no certainty regarding the varieties which would do best; and at the time, there was no-one with local experience who could offer advice.

A purpose built winery was established in time for the 2006 vintage. Wine volumes have increased significantly as the newer vines have come into production, but Dinny Goonan Wines still take pride in hand pruning the vines each winter and hand picking the fruit in summer. We remain a small winery, where we make beautiful wines solely from fruit grown on the estate.

Brown Magpie Wines

Address: 125 Larcombes Rd, Modewarre
Phone: 03 5266 2147

Review by: Brown Magpie Wines

 Brown Magpie Wines is nestled into the hinterland of the Otway Ranges. In many ways, this has influenced our philosophy. We feel we are very much part of the local area. Our grapes are wholly estate grown. Our wine is handcrafted on site. It only leaves the vineyard in the bottle. All of our grapes are hand-picked and processed within hours of harvesting.

Our grapes for our Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are picked in the cool of the morning and whole bunch pressed. Carefully selected aromatic yeasts are added to enhance delicacy and varietal fruit integrity in the wine. Slow, temperature-controlled, stainless steel fermentation is augmented by some barrel fermentation to enrich the palate of aromatic whites.

The pinot noir and shiraz are hand plunged in open 1000 litre vats, pressed at optimum extraction and aged in quality French oak barrels. Up to 30 per cent are new, from the finest cooperages of France. These include: Garronaise, Meyrieux, Derieux, Quintessence, Saury and Damy. We also use Hungarian barrels from Demptos and Kadar. Even our old barrels are carefully rebuilt. We individually select and import specific oak styles and coopers to suit our winemaking technique.

Wine making is a natural process and we are merely providing the right environment for the wine to ferment and develop. As guardians of the winemaking magic, we encourage the activity of desirable microbes and use clean, science-based practices to eliminate undesirables.

We work as a team; Shane, Loretta and Samantha Breheny, Robert Steel, Dale Cooper and Daniel Greene, supported by our local workers – Ian, John and Roger. Each person adds a unique skill to our enterprise.

Brown Magpie believes that wine quality begins in the vineyard. Pruning, shoot thinning and disease control is carefully monitored to ensure the highest standard of canopy management and hence quality of fruit. We believe that the wine industry is an aesthetic one and therefore the vineyard must be beautiful, but also a clean and manicured vineyard is the most important way to fight diseases.

Blakes Estate

Address: 80 Bambra Cemetary Rd, Deans Marsh
Phone: 03 5236 3246

Review by: Blakes Estate

 Blakes Estate is located in Deans Marsh, nestled in the foothills of the Otway Ranges in western Victoria. The winery is situated only 16 km from the coast near the town of Lorne and the Great Ocean Road (see a map to Blakes Estate). The close proximity to the coast ensures a warm summer and a long, dry autumn with temperatures modified by the maritime influence. This climate, together with the light, sandy, Tertiary aged Otway soils are perfect for growing Pinot Noir vines in which the vineyard specialises.
Blakes Estate vineyard in the picturesque Otway Ranges Wine tasting at Blakes Estate cellar door. We make a "Burgundy style" Pinot Noir and a "Champagne style" sparkling wine from our Pinot grapes. We also make a small volume of Rosé to compliment the other wines. Read about the full range of Blakes Estate wines here on our website.

Attention to detail and our small acreage of four acres enable us to make a first class Pinot Noir, rich in fruit flavours with a satisfying middle palate and a long finish.
The wines are matured in fine French oak barriques for up to 12 months and kept in the bottle for a further year prior to release.

The vines are hand pruned, the grapes hand picked and the wine is hand made in the authentic French "Burgundian style", the area of origin of the pinot grape. We don't filter our wine, instead relying on racking between barrels for clarification, and we use a minimum of preservative to ensure the full pinot characteristics come through in the finished wine.

The Deans Marsh and Pennyroyal areas on the northern flanks of the Otway Ranges are noted for their strawberry and raspberry farms, which date back to the 1930's. Berries were sent daily by steam train to the Melbourne markets. Not surprisingly, there is a strong hint of raspberry with a touch of plum in our wine

Bellbrae Estate (Longboard)

Address: 520 Great Ocean Rd, Bellbrae
Phone: 03 5264 8480

Review by: Bellbrae Estate

 Bellbrae Estate Winery was established in 1999 on a beautiful section of rolling hills, five minutes from world famous Bells Beach, in the Surf Coast region of Victoria.

Originally planted to grapes around 150 years ago by Swiss settlers, at one stage the area from Bellbrae to Geelong and beyond was one of Australia's largest wine growing regions. For most of the 20th century, however, the land had reverted to grazing but the wonderful climate and the enticing north facing slopes led us to plant the first vineyards here for over 100 years – better late than never!

The wines we produce all have strong varietal character with excellent flavour intensity. Our flagship Bellbrae Estate wines are the pinnacle of our releases. Made only in the better years they exhibit the best of our vineyards plus high levels of care and commitment in the winery. Quality French oak and traditional winemaking techniques add to the excellence of this range. They are wonderfully drinkable now but are all made to benefit from further cellaring.

The Longboard range of wines are a true expression of the region with their exuberant flavours and are a great match for our local produce. Made more to drink now, they are all bursting with freshness and taste, perfect for the relaxed lifestyle we love here on the Surf Coast.

Our logo, the names given to the Bellbrae Estate Wines and the image on the Longboard range highlight the extraordinary coastline we share, the incredible surf breaks and the iconic local surfers from the region.