Address: 2330 Portarlington Rd, Bellarine
Phone: 03 5259 1386

Review by: Hat Rock Vineyard

This maritime vineyard is set on gently undulating, north facing slopes. The cool climate of the Bellarine Peninsula with its moderate winter rainfall, is comparable with that of the Burgundy region of France. This climate coupled with fertile volcanic clay/loam soils overlying limestone, provides excellent growing conditions for the production of premium fruit from the Burgundian grape varieties, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Hat Rock specialises in the production of small batch, hand crafted Pinot Noir and in a year or two, will also produce Chardonnay in the same, uncompromising way. Our wine making processes reflect the combination of vineyard factors that define our site in order that distinctive wines can be produced. We employ traditional burgundian wine making methods and minimize handling and intervention in our wine making processes.