Address: 760 Burnside Rd, Murgheboluc
Phone: 03 5265 1181

Review by: Spence

It was an extended holiday touring around Europe many years ago that provided the inspiration for Anne and Peter Spence to grow grapes and make wine. After a 3 year search, a suitable site was found, and in 1997 the vineyard was established. Spence Wines aims to make wine of the highest possible quality. We only use our own fruit from our own vineyard, to ensure we get the best quality grapes. These are wines that reflect the site they are grown on. They are made in small quantities, have limited availability and are amongst the best from the region. To ensure the wines are properly developed, they are released with some bottle age and are suited to cellaring. Pls enjoy the website and learn a little more about Spence Wines.