Address: Shop 3B 9-13 Gilbert St, Torquay, Victoria 3228, Australia
Phone: 03 5261 7575

Review by: True Local

 Every day in every bakery, Bakers Delight bakers hand craft traditional and gourmet breads using real ingredients, real bakers and real ovens.

A locally, family owned bakery for over 17 years! Every day we bake your bread fresh in our ovens with the best ingredients.

Our bread is not made in factories nor a production line, and it never sits on the shelf for days. All of our bread is baked fresh from scratch on the day you buy it, because if it's not sold today, it's not sold.

Did you know that The Bakers Delight Traditional and Continental range are preservative free and they do not contain any preservatives, including 282 which can affect certain people.

Food additives are used to preserve food and/or improve its taste, appearance, quality and stability. Additives play an important part in food supply ensuring that food is safe and meets customer needs.

Preservatives are one type of food additive that are used to prolong the shelf life of food by preventing deterioration.

For details on each Bakers Delight product please check the nutritional panel of each product found on the website at For more information on food additives refer to the Food Standards Code.

GMO? Way No! We can advise that none of our products contain genetically modified ingredients including our wheat. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all ingredients supplied to Bakers Delight comply with the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Code.