Address: 33 Surfcoast Hwy, Torquay, Victoria 3228, Australia
Phone: 03 5261 6146

Reviews by: Urban Spoon

I live locally and have eaten fish and chips from here for more than a year now. I always have the flat head, the batter is always crispy and golden. The chips are always good. Service takes a while because everything is made to order. We telephone our order through now, so that we don't have to wait around for too long.
The staff are generally pretty young and I am impressed by how professional and friendly they are. I have always been greeted in a friendly manner. The last time I was there a little girl asked for some paper to draw on and the person behind the counter was happy to provide her with it.
I have tried other fish and chips shops in the Torquay region with the exception of one that has recently opened. I have found the batter to be soggy and dislike the fact that some of these fish and chip shops don't skin the fish and I have also had bones in the fish. So I will stick with Flipplin Fresh and I highly recommend it to anyone.

We had Flake and Chips on Good Friday! The fish was thick and juicy and you could tell it was fresh :) I forgot how nice the chips were- thick cut, crunchy, and not oily. I would definitely recommend- especially taking it down the beach to watch the waves!

The food was amazing! Whole family ate. One had the "bells" burger = so delicious. Better than the burger competition around torquay. The patty and the tomato relish! Yum!
The flake was so tasty and crispy. Chips, yeah they could have been better. But the dimmys. Heaven.
Will be visiting very frequently from now on!

BEST FISH AND CHIPS EVER!!! Everything is crispy and golden and fresh! I've never had crispy dim sims before and i can never go back after having the delicious ones from here! Seriously yummy!