Address: 38 Bell Street, Torquay, Victoria 3228, Australia
Phone: +61 352617245

Review by: True Local

 Our family came out from Scotland on holiday and wanted to go to a top Indian restaurant in Melbourne. I told them that our local Indian restaurant was very good they should try it out. We tried eight dishes and loved every one, the Biryani was fantastic and the fresh ingredients and spices used in all their dishes is a delight to the senses.
Scottish people are big lovers of Indian food and that is nearly all they eat apart from Haggis. Well they loved and raved about the food and they said it was the best they have had. The staff showed great customer service and made you feel very welcome.
I would recommend any Indian food lover to come and taste the true Indian food at Jashn in Torquay.

Spent this summer in Torquay, as we usually do, and decided to try out the new Indian restaurant. I'm not a fan of spicy foods, but my husband is, so I 'went along for the ride' so to speak. What I received, however, was the most delicious flavourful food, I have had in ages!! Very well balanced, no over spicing, home recipes, massive selection of meat and vegetarian dishes, excellent service, and fantastic atmosphere! Such a shame we had to leave the next day, we had such a wonderful meal and time, we would have gone back again. Cant wait to go back in April :) Definitely blows every other Indian restaurant we have eaten at, out of the water!! 5 Stars!! Top tip, tell them what you like, and let them recommend dishes for you! you will not be disappointed!