Address: 8 Pearl Street, Torquay VIC 3228, Australia
Phone: +61 3 5261 9895

Review by: Spudy Restaurant

Are you looking for healthy and affordable food options in Torquay? Founders, Deb and Nick created a vision to make this happen and drawing on their years of experience working in the food industry they established 'SPUDY' in 2009.

Spudy offers a huge range of spuds, salads and seetpotatoes with many different food combinations. The menu is gluten free and offers dietary options for celiacs, vegetarians and vegan.

You have the flexibility to choose your own toppings from the wide selection of freshly prepared ingredients or order one of Spudy's menu items. Either way you'll love Spudy's relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and dedication to serving the freshest, tastiest food.