Address: 2b Gilbert Street, Torquay, Victoria 3228, Australia
Phone: +61 417 595 152

Review by: Surf Coast Images

Kevan was a Commercial Photographer based in Melbourne for 25 years.

He moved to Torquay with his family 8 years ago, and has had a directional change in his photography to a more art-based criteria. He has transferred his passion for the ocean to the camera.

Kevan conceived Surfcoastimages with a goal to introduce a diverse range of people to the ocean through his imagery. This went on to become a Gallery in its own right.

He specialises in large format panoramas produced as murals, and a range of contemporary photography.

He also now represents exclusively in Torquay surf photographers Peter 'Joli' Wilson and Stu Gibson, and abstract wave photographer Deb Morris.

The Gallery is on the beach at 2b Gilbert Street Torquay VIC 3228