Address: Fishers Lane (off Blackgate Road), Torquay, Victoria 3228, Australia
Phone: +61 (0)3 5275 5797 or 1800 620 888

Review by : Point Impossible Surf Beach

Point Impossible is a low, calcarenite point, capped by 10 m high foredunes and bordered by the mouth of Thompson Creek. The gravel road from Torquay runs out to the point, where there is a large car park. A small beach (Point Impossible Beach) lies in front of the car park and forms the western boundary of Thompson Creek. A foreshore reserve and the road back the 4.5 km long Whites Beach, with car parks and access tracks across the dune. The eastern section of the beach, just back from the point, is an official Optional Dress (nude) Beach.
The beach faces south-east and is protected to the south by Point Danger, and along the central-eastern section by extensive rock reefs. As a result, waves average 1 m at the beach and usually produce a continuous, shallow bar only cut by rips during and following high seas.