Address: 19 Swamp Gum Driv, Torquay, Victoria, Australia
Phone: +61 438 309 214

Review by: Sandy Massage 

Thanks Sandy, at Torquay Miracle Massage. After 4 weeks of 1 hourly massages, for the first time in years my shoulders, back and legs are now free from stress and aches caused by kyak paddling.

I also had a very disabling coxxyc condition that no practitioner has ever been able to help me. This has been ongoing for 4 years now. After 1 treatment Sandy miraculously removed the pain from that area, and I cannot believe the quality of life that has brought to me.

Thank you Sandy Moresi for totally changing my life. I will be forever grateful, and I would highly recommend her services to everyone. The treatment was professional and very skillful, using both massage skills and Traditional Chinese Cupping.

I will be continuing the treatment for as long as I keep kyaking. By the way I am 71 years old.